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Case study of the future of Internet

When reading the case study of the future of the Internet, lots of different predictions of what the Internet would be like in the future is raised and I also had views about it. 

Firstly, is that mobile phone would be the primary connection tool for most people in the world. Honestly, I am not surprised by that. Looking at how successful our smart phones are advancing towards integrating with the Internet, I would not be surprised if phones were to take over most of the communication tools of technology. By the way it’s going, our mobile phones in the future may even replaced our current laptops. Thus in the future, we would just have to use our phones as normal phones do as well as using it like how a normal laptop does. 

Social tolerance would also advanced significantly in the future due to the exposure to the Internet. I strongly agree with this statement. Nowadays, people are getting more knowledge about what other people do and what types of people exist in this world even without having to actually meet them. This may be due to personal accounts and experiences shared on the Internet along with videos as evidence. Through social medias and TVs, people get to know more about the cultures and practices of people from other countries and thus, with more exposure, people are more knowledgeable and aware about the differences between their culture and the others. This in turn, will result in people being more understanding and tolerant of the society as a whole.

Content control through copyright-protection technology will dominate. Since most people have started to watch shows and obtain information online, there must be some sort of regulation put into place to protect copyrights for online materials.

Transparency heighten individual integrity and forgiveness. With the wide usage of social media, people are gradually getting more comfortable sharing personal information with people they don’t know on the Internet. With sharing their personal opinions more, there are lots of incidents whereby people may offend lots of others on the Internet. However, as time grows people may actually learn from these mistakes and learnt to regulate their way of sharing personal information. At the same time, they may also grew to be more understanding and forgiving to people who post offensive messages on the Internet. Freedom of speech on the Internet may be more prominent and people may start to practice to accept such messages as personal opinions and it is up to individuals to accept these messages or not. 

Many lives are touched by the use of augmented reality or spent interacting in artificial spaces. Well, it would be cool to have augmented reality in our future lives as it can provide people with lots of functions and saves on space usage. People’s experience of using the Internet and technology would be enhanced. Movies could be made better and provide people will better viewing experiencing if virtual world were to be incorporated with reality. 

Talk and touch technology interfaces will become common. In the future, we may not even need our hands to do and work as voice recognition technology would be more improved than ever before. We can use voice recognition to get things done such as unlocking the door, paying bills and to command gadgets to do other things for us. 

Another thing, with more uses of the Internet, there will be fewer lines to divide work and personal time. The advantages of this is that people could get access to their work anytime and anywhere. They could do their work-related stuff whenever they want to. With improvements on the Internet, people could work from home in the future. However, there are disadvantages of it as well. With work and personal life so closely related to each other, people may not be able to separate work from personal lives. They would be spending their time doing work even when they’re on vacation as their phones are with them whenever they go. With people getting to work from homes, it may not necessarily good. As said in the case study that working at home may result in more stressful home life. If workload is overwhelming, home may not be a place whereby people can escape their stress from work since they mostly work at home. 

It is exciting to see that the future of the Internet could make things interlinked and bring convenience to us however, our over-reliance on the Internet may be harmful as well. If the Internet were to shut down for even a minute, there may be some serious loss and damage around the world. 


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Future of the Internet and module summary

With the invention of smartphone, we could see the evolution of technology as its peak. And based on what I see, technology is aiming to be as convenient and multi used as possible. In the future, our phones and laptops may just get smaller and smaller and convenient to be brought anywhere. With the invention of curve lens and screens, phones or laptops in the future could be folded or strapped around the wrist instead of carrying something bulky in our pockets. Or may be even better, we may not have to carry things around and all our stuff will appear through the air in the form of holograms and we can communicate with people face to face through that.

Besides that, everything we do will be connected to the Internet. With the use of cloud computing, all our documents are stored in the Internet. May be in the future, we do not need any form of device to store our data anymore and much more space is saved with using Internet as a platform to store data. With the evolving of web 2.0 to 3.0, users get to be more interactive on the Internet and in other words, more interactive with information available throughout the world. Face to face interaction via webcam has made communication easier for people and it will not be a surprise if in the future, Internet is going to take over lots of things that we have right now. For instance, phones may not exist if webcam-ing through the Internet is easier.

As seen from videos shown in class, technology will get smarter and smarter. Technology can make walls change around in the house to suit the current mood and needs of the house owner. Or that we can just pay for our purchases with our card, phone or our voice, we would not need wallets anymore.

Throughout the whole com 125 class, a lot of things were taught and I had learnt a lot.  Such examples are web 3.0, cloud computing,  mobile computing, wearable technology and augmented and virtual reality. Through this class, I get to know more about the different types of aspects of the Internet. I know of how cloud computing came about and the use of it. Such uses are the google docs which our documented data could be saved on the Internet.This gives us more space on our computer as we would not need to store that much things onto our computer. Furthermore, we don’t even need to carry our thumb drives around everywhere we go. Another thing that got me interested was the wearable technology as I had always wanted for mobile phones or laptops which could be worn. It would be much easier to wear a technology than to carry it everywhere. Such examples of wearable technology are the samsung watch or the newly introduced google glasses. I am also looking forward to the advancement of augmented reality. It would be really cool to be able to interact with virtual graphics in real life. And imagine the amount of space that could be saved with the use of augmented reality.

I was also exposed to the many uses of Google which it provides people. I get to know about google +, along with the social media functions that is similar to that of Facebook. With functions such as circles, it is actually useful and effective to sort out who gets to see my post and this can eliminates lots of friction between work and private when you post something onto social media platforms. Thus helps to decrease chances of offending people in our work place and still get the freedom to post whatever we want onto our social media platforms. Also google+ provides google hangout whereby lots of people get to do web-conferencing to lots of people face to face without having to pay, unlike skype.

Journalism and politics were also taught in class, as Internet has now changed the ways in which journalism and politics reach out to the general public. It can be seen that how everything that we do now is connected to the Internet. With the use of social media, news spreads faster than before and with many people getting to contribute into informing people of news, people get to see different sides of an issue. Politicians could also have a better reach to the general public and to be more aware about the worries and concerns that the public has.

However, there are also negative things about our reliability of the Internet. If one day the Internet could not work, we would be practically useless. Take the latest Singtel incident as an example, with the wires burnt, people can’t serve the net, can’t pay their bills or purchases, companies could not function as normal and results in huge loss and damage. Without over relying on the Internet in the past, these kind of things would not really happen. Another example is Google docs, sure it is convenient but imagine if we can’t go onto the Internet, and all our important documents are stored solely on cloud computing or on Google docs could not be accessed. And without our documents and data, we would be practically useless. We cannot start our projects and presentations without data in our hands.

Throughout this module, I had learnt a lot about the Internet and am more aware about how the uses would benefit me and at the same time, it was made me more conscious about the society’s over-reliance on technology and the Internet. But than again, without advancing in technology and the Internet, we would not be able to advance in terms of our knowledge and lifestyle. Thus, I know that everything has its pros and cons and lots of things have to sides to a story.

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Internet and Politics

Politician candidates running for a campaign and obtain a wider reach to the people via the Internet. Latest news and updates about the candidates and their activities could be seen by many people and with the use of Internet and especially via social media, candidates were able to express their opinions and views more directly with the people. Besides that, using social media and updating the people about their lives, candidates can create a sense of closeness and familiarity with the people. Using internet to get people to vote and help the candidates save lost of money. In the past, TV ads and posters and flyers were distributed everywhere in order to get people to vote. However, now, using the Internet could actually save a lot and cut down money spent on these. Take for example, in the past elections, YouTube actually create a period of election scheme, whereby candidates could post videos of themselves or their speeches for people to see. People could watch the speeches over and over again and questions from the people could be posted for the candidates to see. 

Besides YouTube, social media platforms such as Facebook is also a way for people to communicate better with the politicians. Another example was Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who uses Facebook to chat with Singaporeans and answer their questions. He uses his Facebook to update the public about what he has done and through that, he could also understand the concerns that Singaporeans have. President Barack Obama also uses social media such as Twitter to update people about what he has done. 

Even though the Internet has helped politicians a lot in their campaigns, it may inflict harm on them as well. Because information could be uploaded and shared rapidly, it is important for politicians to be on their best behaviours at all times. People could just film politicians anywhere if they chanced upon their misconduct and post it on the Internet. This could result in a loss in reputation for the politicians and may cause them to loss an election. This is just like having survelliance camera around you all the time. 

And no matter how efficient Internet is in promoting politicians and their campaigns, it is always far more better for politicians to make rounds around their country and to meet its citizens face to face. Meeting people face to face is more warming and shows more sincerity and true concern and well-being for the people rather than just having politicians hiding in their office and in front of the computer saying how much they would want to do to make the country better. No matter what and no matter how the world and society involves, actions still speak louder than words. 

It is always a hot topic that the younger generations are more apathetic towards politics and that they do not really care as to who wins the elections. Even though politicians expanded their reach to social media sites whereby the younger generation always uses, their attitude towards elections and politics still remain indifferent. This may be due to the over-exposure of information about voting and campaigns that were spread across the Internet which makes them apathetic. Another reason may be due to the fact that the younger generation did not see and witness for themselves the hardships that their country has been through and did not see how their country has grown to be so developed. Thus they do not feel a sense of belonging and involvement to make and improve their country to be a better place by voting or be concern about the politics in their country. 

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Internet and Journalism

Nowadays, technology and internet has changed the way journalism presents its news. Most of the people would be using their phones or their tablets to access news from the internet. Amount of people who are still reading newspapers starts to decrease. In the future, I would not be surprised if newspapers go from physical to fully electronic. Firstly, reading newspapers are inconvenient, especially when you’re travelling. Newspapers are big and bulky and flipping the pages over is not an easy task. I have problems reading newspapers when they pages gets stuck together a lot and I had to slowly separate it. Besides that, when the wind blows, the pages in the newspapers would be flapping in my face and the pages would just be everywhere and it’s just too messy to read it. And lastly, the print on the newspapers are always a problem. I would always have my hands dirtied with the ink on the papers and it’s not a pleasant feeling. Oh and another thing, newspapers tend to take up space after reading. Even if I were to give away my newspapers to someone else, their houses will be stacked with newspapers as well. However with news being published online, I would have none of these problems. It’s convenient for me to read it anywhere, no papers in my face, no ink stains on my hands and my house has more space than being stacked with newspapers.

So squeezy and reading papers just takes up space

And look at the amount of trash…


Another benefit of having online news is that I could be updated almost immediately about breaking news around the world via mobile apps and social media platforms. Compared to traditional newspapers, it takes a day for a person to be updated about the latest news. With the help of Internet, people are able to post what they have seen about the news and express their opinions. People who were there at the scene could report what they have found, along with pictures. This people are called the online journalists. They report news about major things that were reported on the newspapers but, their perspectives were more real. News in mainstream channels may have been filtered or framed before it was publish so no one could actually know what has really happened and this may shape our views of an incident instead of just thinking about it more objectively. 

However, online journalism has its cons as well. Online journalists are more likely not trained as compared to the professional ones and may add in their own views as well. With almost everyone having a mobile phone and publishing what they had seen on the Internet, it may result in information overload. In the past, the only source of news was through the newspapers. People just have to read the newspapers and from there on, they could decide what is right and wrong from it. However, with so much information now, people have too many channels to obtain information. Most of the time, these information contains different views so readers may be confused and not know which information to trust. With the high amounts of online journalists, news has become increasingly exposed and this may make people less empathetic. Let’s just take STOMP as an example, initially it was really cool as people posted all sorts of weird news and behaviours that are seen in the public. But with too many online journalists, people may tend to misuse the platform of sharing news. People start to post useless and non informative things onto the Internet. Another concern for online journalism is that, it has been seen a lot of times on the Internet that when a real emergency happens, the first thing that people do is to take pictures instead of helping someone in need. This may be an implication and a worry for many. Reporting first hand news tend to take over priority in people than to help someone who needs immediate help. 

Well, with technology getting so advanced, the amount of news and information on the Internet will just continue to increase. Maybe in the future, news would incorporate functions that would enable the reader to be at the scene of the incident itself and to experience how real a situation is. I do hope that physical forms of newspapers would still be around for a while. It will be cool with the future newspapers are similar to those of that in the Harry Potter films, The Daily Prophet. With moving images and everything, it will definitely make reading newspaper a more delightful experience. 

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Multimedia, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Nowadays, multimedia is everywhere. The most obvious one would be through blogs, whereby people could post texts, pictures, videos and songs all in one platform. However, not only blogs could provide such features as even social media platforms are a great way to present multimedia in one platform. Through the use of smartphones, people could just post any videos, pictures for everyone to see. Different technological companies have some up with various ways to promote the multimedia functions of their products. The typical ones are through advertisements, which the companies would state functions of their products, along with songs and videos to make the advertisement a convincing one and that appeals people to buy it. Since most companies uses advertising, it has become increasingly important to come up with a great advertisement to tackle the commonality and boring commercials and make one’s advertisement stand out. One example which I’d came across before was the advertisement done by Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft.

This ad is unique in a sense that it is fun to watch and instead of the common ads which elaborates on the products features, this just tells the audiences to switch to Nokia’s phones to prevent conflict and that make yourself unique by having a phone which not everyone is using. Nokia is trying to appeal to the audiences that by using their phones, they are unique and cool to competition; the audiences are one of a kind.

Another type of marketing done was by Samsung, which infuses a slightly more interactive tactic to communicate with its customers. By adding interactive effects and visually appealing graphics, it attracts people’s attention to it and people would want to find out more about what Samsung’s products has to offer.

This type of advertising is really similar to those of the augmented reality. With the technology that is present right now, I am sure the day whereby people get to interact with virtuals in  real life would not be far away.

How cool is augmented reality! With the infusion of augmented reality, corporations get to showcase and their products even better since audiences could get a better hands on experience on how good the product is. Audiences could see for themselves the benefits of using a technology prior to buying it. Throughout the interaction with virtual and reality, potential buyers could be more engage in the product and this could enhance their intentions of purchasing the product.

How Augmented Reality’s Cutting Edge Technology Is Helping E-RetailersAmongst all technology tools businesses use to grow themselves and provide value to the end-user,…View Post

This i just too cool. With better interaction, customers would be more satisfied with what they purchased. I hope this extends out to online shopping as well. If that’s the case, it would enhance a better online shopping experience for me. I can look at the products in 3D and to feel the quality of the products! This would give a better reassurance involving online shopping.

If augmented reality is infused into marketing, I may end up purchasing more things than I do!

Augmented reality isn’t just catered to marketing, it could also be used in other contexts such as education. Lectures could be more involved and fun with augmented reality as students are able to interact with what they are learning and could see for themselves how it is. This is so much more fun than the boring lectures whereby lecturers just teach. With visual accompanied, students get to see what they have learnt come to live.

However, if I were to say the disadvantages of augmented reality is that sooner or later, people would find it hard to differentiate between virtual and reality. Virtual world brings us convenience and all but at the end, people still have to face reality on their own and that’s one thing that the virtual world can’t help us with. With the over-dependence on augmented reality, people would be too immense into it and may end up becoming useless in real life. Even day to day activities may not be possible for people in the future. Judging by the dependence we have on our smart phones now, it does not surprise me that we may end up depending a little too much on augmented reality if it successful in the future.

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Internet security

It was said in the Straits Times article that Singapore is one of the countries that suffered highest loss through cyber crime worldwide. It was said that the lost totaled up to $1.17 billion, which means about 1.4 million people were victims of cyber crime. This large amount of victims were due to the use of smart phones. Cyber crime has shifted its prey from computers to smart phones since the phones are highly accessible to the Internet and people use it more as compared to computers now.

And the easiest way for these crimes to happen is through the use of social media. Usage of social media on mobile phones had become prevalent with the introduction of smart phones and hackers usually target people who were using their social medias all the time. And this happens because most people think that it is highly unlikely to be caught with viruses in their phones.

I was once a victim of virus attack when I was younger. I was just surfing the Internet and before I knew it, my computer started to hang a lot, and most of the documents which I wanted to open could not be opened. Random pop-ups happen frequently and I can’t stop it. With the help of my father’s friend, I managed to solve the problem. And I was told that the hacker is from Canada! Internet is a platform but connects people world wide together. Though it improves communication, we become vulnerable to such attacks. People could cause harm to other people which they have not met at all. Just because we’re hidden behind the computer screen doesn’t mean that we’re safe. Valuable information could be lost through hacking and viruses. Viruses could be found anywhere, even on emails which you think is legitimate. Up till now, I still have no idea as to how I’ve got the virus from.

There are lots of anti-virus softwares out in the market to prevent hacking and viruses on our computer. However, we must be careful as to which software is reliable to download. Viruses can be found within these downloads as well. It disguises itself as a proper software that helps you to get rid of the viruses when it’s actually a virus itself. Anti-virus softwares have different features to block off viruses or harmful attacks on the computer. For instance, there is a feature called the real-time scanner helps to detect any virus when you’re on the Internet and intercepts any virus detected. This is highly important for me since I would be surfing the net all the time and most of my time is spent on the net. On-access scanner is also an important feature to me as it scans files which I had downloaded to detect any malicious virus hidden in it. Even documents sent by peers regarding school work may contain viruses and thus, this is highly required. Based on individual needs, the different aspects of a anti-virus software may work differently to people. Thus when you’re searching for a particular anti-virus software to use, be sure to check the features that the software provides and decide whether you would really need it for not. Be careful that viruses and other harmful worms may be present in the software when you’re downloading it. So make sure to choose the right softwares, mostly those that are more well-known such as the McAFree software.

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Internet Tools

This is my first time using wordpress to write a blog. Back in my secondary school days, I used blogspot alot. And different types of blog uses different ways to update blogs. Thus, when I first started using wordpress, I wasn’t really used to it. With so many functions available now, it has become easier to post pictures, videos and other things that were usually not seen in a blog post in the past; such as macros and gifs. Nowadays, there are functions to change all these multimedias into formats that are easier to be present on blogs. 

I remember first starting using Google for academic use when I was in my polytechnic years. And all these years of using Google for research, there are still lots of things about Google that are not yet learnt or I had learnt it through experiences. For instances, I’ve learnt that a better way to get a clear cut definition of something from Google, I just have to type “DEFINE” and “: ” along with the word that I want to know and Google will give a clear explanation/ definition of the word. Its easy and convenient but not everyone knows unless one has tons of experiences of trial and error with Google. Google has tons of ways that makes search online easier but not everyone knows it. Another example is that for instance I would like to search for reviews of the various ice-creams in Singapore. If I were to type ‘Ice-cream in singapore’, the content would not be limited to just ice creams in singapore. Google will gather information related to ice cream and singapore and not just solely ice cream in singapore. In order to make my search results more relevant to what I want, I just have to type in ‘ICE CREAM’ ‘AND’ ‘SINGAPORE’, the search results will show only ice creams that were found in Singapore. This makes searching clearer and faster for me to obtain the relevant information that I need. 

Throughout the recently years, Google has improved on its search engine to cater to the hungry information-seekers all over the world. For example, when I want to find a particular journal article, I just have to type the relevant keywords, the articles that are relevant to my field of research will show up. Not only that, I could select the year in which the article is published and this helps me a lot rather than having me trying to screen out the different years of publishing manually. 

However, Google with its enhanced search functions and services still have room for improvement. Take for example Google Translate. It is a useful app that help translate documents or words from one language to another. I’ve used Google Translate for a while and I have to say it’s useful… FOR CERTAIN BASIC WORDS. If I were to translate words that are slightly more complex than just ‘Hello’ or ‘How are you’, every thing turns crazy. Let the pictures explain everything…

Wait what…..?

Why do I even…..


Besides that, recently I had signed up for Tumblr. Tumblr is a different kind of application on the Internet. It is sort of like a blog whereby you get to post things about your feelings or other information, but at the same time, be entertained by other bloggers who share the same interests as you. On Tumblr, not only are words and ideas shared, videos, gifs, moving images, macros and lots of humor are also shared. I can get lots of information and be entertained at the same time via Tumblr. I quite like that Tumblr has to offer, though sometimes they provide more information than I really wanted….but now, I just can’t stop tumbling on the Internet! 

Just to make your day~!

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