Future of the Internet and module summary

With the invention of smartphone, we could see the evolution of technology as its peak. And based on what I see, technology is aiming to be as convenient and multi used as possible. In the future, our phones and laptops may just get smaller and smaller and convenient to be brought anywhere. With the invention of curve lens and screens, phones or laptops in the future could be folded or strapped around the wrist instead of carrying something bulky in our pockets. Or may be even better, we may not have to carry things around and all our stuff will appear through the air in the form of holograms and we can communicate with people face to face through that.

Besides that, everything we do will be connected to the Internet. With the use of cloud computing, all our documents are stored in the Internet. May be in the future, we do not need any form of device to store our data anymore and much more space is saved with using Internet as a platform to store data. With the evolving of web 2.0 to 3.0, users get to be more interactive on the Internet and in other words, more interactive with information available throughout the world. Face to face interaction via webcam has made communication easier for people and it will not be a surprise if in the future, Internet is going to take over lots of things that we have right now. For instance, phones may not exist if webcam-ing through the Internet is easier.

As seen from videos shown in class, technology will get smarter and smarter. Technology can make walls change around in the house to suit the current mood and needs of the house owner. Or that we can just pay for our purchases with our card, phone or our voice, we would not need wallets anymore.

Throughout the whole com 125 class, a lot of things were taught and I had learnt a lot.  Such examples are web 3.0, cloud computing,  mobile computing, wearable technology and augmented and virtual reality. Through this class, I get to know more about the different types of aspects of the Internet. I know of how cloud computing came about and the use of it. Such uses are the google docs which our documented data could be saved on the Internet.This gives us more space on our computer as we would not need to store that much things onto our computer. Furthermore, we don’t even need to carry our thumb drives around everywhere we go. Another thing that got me interested was the wearable technology as I had always wanted for mobile phones or laptops which could be worn. It would be much easier to wear a technology than to carry it everywhere. Such examples of wearable technology are the samsung watch or the newly introduced google glasses. I am also looking forward to the advancement of augmented reality. It would be really cool to be able to interact with virtual graphics in real life. And imagine the amount of space that could be saved with the use of augmented reality.

I was also exposed to the many uses of Google which it provides people. I get to know about google +, along with the social media functions that is similar to that of Facebook. With functions such as circles, it is actually useful and effective to sort out who gets to see my post and this can eliminates lots of friction between work and private when you post something onto social media platforms. Thus helps to decrease chances of offending people in our work place and still get the freedom to post whatever we want onto our social media platforms. Also google+ provides google hangout whereby lots of people get to do web-conferencing to lots of people face to face without having to pay, unlike skype.

Journalism and politics were also taught in class, as Internet has now changed the ways in which journalism and politics reach out to the general public. It can be seen that how everything that we do now is connected to the Internet. With the use of social media, news spreads faster than before and with many people getting to contribute into informing people of news, people get to see different sides of an issue. Politicians could also have a better reach to the general public and to be more aware about the worries and concerns that the public has.

However, there are also negative things about our reliability of the Internet. If one day the Internet could not work, we would be practically useless. Take the latest Singtel incident as an example, with the wires burnt, people can’t serve the net, can’t pay their bills or purchases, companies could not function as normal and results in huge loss and damage. Without over relying on the Internet in the past, these kind of things would not really happen. Another example is Google docs, sure it is convenient but imagine if we can’t go onto the Internet, and all our important documents are stored solely on cloud computing or on Google docs could not be accessed. And without our documents and data, we would be practically useless. We cannot start our projects and presentations without data in our hands.

Throughout this module, I had learnt a lot about the Internet and am more aware about how the uses would benefit me and at the same time, it was made me more conscious about the society’s over-reliance on technology and the Internet. But than again, without advancing in technology and the Internet, we would not be able to advance in terms of our knowledge and lifestyle. Thus, I know that everything has its pros and cons and lots of things have to sides to a story.


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