Week 3- Social Networking

Social media has been the trend this few years with the introduction of smartphones. Everyone has some form of social media now and is communicating with people through it all the time. When we see people on public transports or waiting for someone, their heads would always be done and face buried into their phone, using social media apps on their phone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are key market players in the social media market. Initially, social media serves as a platform to connect friends to friends and to update each other about their lives. However, the concept and meaning of social media has changed. Now, social media is another channel for organisations to keep in touch with their customers as well as the potential customers. It is also an inexpensive gateway for people to do businesses. Business gets customers through word of mouth and doing it on social media is no exception. Besides, social media helps to increase exposure of your business and the products you have to offer to people worldwide. Creating an account on social media could help you get fans or followers from people and people are more likely to purchase things from business pages that they follow. 


Initially, I have been creating social media accounts to keep myself updated of my friends’ lives however, I have been using social media more to keep myself informed about the latest updates from my favourite pages such as online shopping sprees, celebrity updates as well as the latest news. Social media keeps me updated on the latest news of my interests and now, I tend to spent more time browsing through shopping sprees’ pages and celebrity news rather than updates from my friends and this could be one of the disadvantages of social media. Having too many social media accounts could be tiring though almost all of the Social Medias are linked one way or another.  In the past, I would post lots of things about myself or my feelings onto Facebook but not much these days with the use of Twitter. To me, twitter served as a better platform to talk about how I feel instead of Facebook. And with the use of Instagram, uploading and sharing pictures are easier as compared to Facebook. The only thing that is different on Facebook is that people get to upload a full album of pictures easily. I don’t really play with games on Facebook so that doesn’t serve as an attraction for me to continue using it.

During class, I was introduced to Google + which is somewhat similar to Facebook but has greater functions such as circles that groups people in my friends lists into different categories. This seems like an interesting function to me as compared to Facebook, whereby people tend to add their bosses and colleagues onto Facebook and have to fear that people’s certain posts may offend them. In other words, having circles prevents bosses or colleagues to see some of your posts. Google + also provides functions such as hangout, which enables people to webcam  up to 10 people at the same time, which is better than Skype which people have to pay to webcam with more than one friend. 


Before skype, I had been using ooVoo which allows me to webcam with up to 6 friends but the functions are not that great and are solely used for web-caming.  Unlike Google + whereby, I can do lots of things in just one platform.

However, starting a Google + account may be meaningless right now since a lot of my friends are not using it and without friends who are using, creating a Google + account doesn’t serve any purpose to me at all at this stage. Thus, social media could not be successful if no one is using it.  And businesses could not be start up to be exposed to a large amount of people. 



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2 responses to “Week 3- Social Networking

  1. Poooooooooonie

    You bring up a really good point about the disadvantages of social media – too many accounts that you end up browsing pretty much only celebs’ accounts etc rather than your close friends. I have the same problem; it’s kinda like information overload in that sense because I tend to just scroll too indiscriminately to read properly (because there’s really too many updates going on), and ironically enough I end up missing out on a lot of posts. In the end we might not even end up utilising our social networks to its full potential. I guess the point is not to “overdo” it with trying to follow too many social media accounts, and be knowing enough to follow the ones that matter most (aka more of our friends and lesser celebrity accounts).

  2. I think the person who first jumped onto the social media bandwagon for business purposes was really smart and had foresight to predict how powerful it would become! Personally, I feel businesses connect better with me through new media as opposed to traditional media methods.

    I really like the idea of Google+, although I must say I’m biased toward Google… To me everything they do is pretty much good. I was on Google Wave when it first came out, not that I got much use out of it because just like on Google+ no one was active on it! Circles is definitely a logical and useful function to provide, but there is also the hassle of sorting people into groups… Which can get complicated when circles overlap or if there are individuals that don’t fit into any other group.

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